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Course: Quantifying Finance (24 hrs course)

This course extends the part of CFA program dedicated to quantification. In addition to topics in the CFA Curriculum (mathematics of finance, mathematical statistics) it includes subjects outside of CFA’s scope but important for effective work in a bank.

Main program issues

  • Discounts, financial efficiency criteria (NPV, IRR, payment flow, payback period, sale cost).
  • Algorithms for interest rate curves.
  • Calculating risks for positions and financial instruments.
  • Standard instruments on the market.
  • Different approaches to various statistics, quantile valuation.
  • Making use of Monte Carlo methods.
  • Appraising time series models.
  • Applying time series models to assess on call money stability.
  • Statistics for risk correlations: CAPM, correlating risks with other factors.
  • Long-term VaR estimates.