Overview of software products

More and more large international banks and financial companies use Business Systems Consultís solutions to forecast profits and losses, stress-test and economic capital planning. Our software can analyze a broad range of retail credit offerings: auto loans, leasing, credit cards, mortgage, consumer loans, SME and microcredit.

BSC continues to hone its innovation to provide its clients with the powerful and flexible instruments they need in the field of bank analysis. BSCís products, algorithms and models are created from cutting-edge technologies and best global practices.

RRAS (Roll Rate Analytic System) Ė is a system for high-accurate analysis and forecasting of credit portfolio behavior under various business and macroeconomic scenarios, a loss-management tool. It can track and forecast numerous factors, trace dependencies and correlations. The industry data in our database cover almost all retail credits in Russia and other countries in every segment of the industry.

RRAS systemís technology has a built-in forecasting and stress-testing tools providing functions to assess the capital adequacy evaluation. They are automatically integrated with strategic management planning and operational planning options.

RRAS is a multi-user system to address a bank and its retail business units analytical, forecasting and reporting needs. It also comes equipped with several automated routine modules (ARM) for broader functionality:

  • Risk ARM (Risk Automated Routine Module) can model scenarios for credit portfolios, reserves, loan risk, loss estimation and generate reports for effective retail portfolio management.
  • Collection ARM (Collection Automated Routine Module) helps evaluate collectorsí efficiency, compute their KPI.
  • Pricing ARM (Pricing Automated Routine Module) delivers optimal pricing for credit, break-even assessments, NPV and IRR calculations for outstanding and future credits, break-even curves and more.
  • Funding ARM (Funding Automated Routine Module) measures interest risk, predicts and models the funding rate, liquidity risk, helps with funding plans, hedging and optimal funding strategies.