Minimum data requirements

Table 1. Required fields for a starting table
Field name Format Description
TermintLoan lifetime of origination of monitoring
RiskClass fromintStarting risk class
RiskClass tointFinal risk class
DebtfloatOutstanding balance in the starting risk class at the beginning of month of monitoring
Transited debtfloatOutstanding balance that transits from one risk class to another
Transited InterestfloatInterest rate paid during transition from one risk class to another
MOBintVintage age in months

Risk class determination:
0 on schedule
1 DPD 1-30
2 DPD 31-60
3 DPD 61-90
4 DPD 91-120
5 DPD 120+ (charge-off)
100 pay-down

Data on all loans is grouped by Term, OpenDate, ViewDate, RiskClass from and RiskClass to.

Table 2. An example for consumer credit. Several lines from a database to be loaded into RRAS.
Term OpenDate ViewDate RiskClass from RiskClass to Debt Transited debt Transited Interest MOB

At the beginning of their lifetime all credits belong in class 0, on schedule, the next month they shift to class 1, 2, 3 and so on, changing RiskClass from to RiskClass to. If debt in RiskClass from was equal to the Debt value originally, the next month a portion of Debt migrates to RiskClass to. We call this portion Transited debt (<= Debt). ViewData shows all values from OpenDate to now. MOB = ViewDate - OpenDate, changing values from 0 to the next generation age in months.

Preparing a database is a crucial step, very important for model quality.