Moscow, March 07, 2018 — Business Systems Consult. How to make structure IFRS 9 project? What components should it include? What aspects has it to cover?

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Moscow, January 03, 2018 — Business Systems Consult. How to make IFRS 9 allowances good enough to prevent destroying capital adequacy ratios? How to prevent excessive provisions? What should be done before the first reporting in accordance with IFRS 9?

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Moscow, February 23, 2017 — Business Systems Consult. How is bank prepared for successful IFRS 9 Implementation? What should it accomplish before the project kick-off? These questions carry keys for success of IFRS 9 project.

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Moscow, January 21, 2017 — Business Systems Consult. BSC developed an internal banking methodological document every bank needs to comply with IFRS 9. This document explicitly covers not only the measurement issues related to IFRS 9 recognition of financial instruments but also model validation and credit allowance budgeting.

Credit allowance calculations are tested on the real portfolios of BSC's clients.

Further on IFRS 9 see here.

Опубликовано 21 Jan 2017 Author Magister ludi

Moscow, January 16, 2017 — Business Systems Consult. International Financial Reporting Standard #9 puzzled banking methodologists. According to it, banks have to recognise expected losses for loans. Financial reporting grows from risk disclosures to risk accounting. But the methods for it are different than methods used in risk management.

What are the peculiarities of risk measurement under IFRS 9? How to make it cheap and functional? How to improve risk management in the bank to make not only financial reporting clearer but also to increase stability and quality of incomes?

Опубликовано 16 Jan 2017 Author Magister ludi

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