Moscow, February 15, 2018 — Business Systems Consult. BSC consultants delivered a lecture on Modern Requirements to Credit Modeling, Babikov's Decomposition as an Optimal Technology to Comply with Them and Roll Rate Analytic System in National Research University "Higher School of Economics". This lecture was delivered in a scientific seminar on empirical studies in banking. Materials are available here (in Russian).

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Moscow, February 04, 2018 — Business Systems Consult. Consulting Company BSC prepared monthly review of Russian Banking System as of December, 2017 (in Russian), which covers the general tendencies and presents market shares of major participants. Detailed report is available upon request.

The tendencies in Russian banking system can be summarised as follows.

1. Balance sheet...

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Moscow, January 03, 2018 — Business Systems Consult. How to make IFRS 9 allowances good enough to prevent destroying capital adequacy ratios? How to prevent excessive provisions? What should be done before the first reporting in accordance with IFRS 9?

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Moscow, December 30, 2017 — Business Systems Consult. BSC consulting company wishes happy New Year to its clients and partners. Success in 2018 is based on work in 2017.

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Moscow, December 11, 2017 — Business Systems Consult. BSC starts to publish a new index of financial health of Russian consumer borrrowers...

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